A Program Founded By Veterans, For Veterans.

Honoring Service
Through Support

We believe that every veteran deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, and we are committed to providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve this goal.


We ask the veteran to commit to a training program where he or she learns how to care for a service dog and what it takes to be an effective service dog team. We help the veteran to build a strong bond with their dog. We use a structured approach and mentorship to help veterans develop the skills needed to succeed.


We complete a comprehensive evaluation of each veteran entering our program to assess their needs and individual goals and tailor our training program to meet the needs of the individual best. We partner with other service dog providers and provide recommendations to our applicants.


The complexity of obtaining a service dog can be quite overwhelming. If we cannot provide a service dog, we will help the veteran navigate the application process and help prepare them for entering the service dog community. We maintain ongoing relationships with the veterans in our program for updates regarding service dog laws, nutrition, reinforced training, and developing new skills.

About Our Program

Here are some frequently asked questions about applying for a service dog as a veteran. These FAQs cover the application process, program cost, and training programs offered.

If you are a veteran in need of assistance, consider applying for a service dog. These highly trained dogs can provide emotional support, mobility assistance, and help with conditions such as PTSD.

No, we offer mentorship to help qualified veterans apply for and train their own service dogs. We also help bridge the gap between veteran clients and service dog organizations and offer referrals when appropriate.

To participate in our program, please complete our form by clicking on the following link: FSFV Application Form

We rely on donations and the support of our community members, so we do not charge veteran clients that are accepted into our mentorship program.

We raise money by training non-veteran clients and Board and Train clients. These prices vary by client’s need.

We offer everything from Fresh Start Puppy classes up to advanced off-leash AKC CGC training.

Prices vary by class; please see our “Canine Programs” page.

Thank you for your support! You can donate via PayPal or on our Donation page.

Please check out our social media pages to see what we’re doing. We post training tips, upcoming events, and veteran resources!

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