Our Instructor Trainer is an AKC certified evaluator. Our classes train toward AKC certifications such as S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine, and Urban Canine Good Citizen. We also offer a Fresh Start Puppy program.

Fresh Start Puppy Program

Our fresh start puppy classes are a two-week board and train program. This class is for puppies starting at 8 weeks old after passing an initial evaluation.  Puppies will learn sit, down, and leash walking.  They will also be socialized in public places and around other animals.  Crate training and imprinting is also available upon request.  The fresh start classes include a handler class for you when you pick the puppy up.  This class will help move your puppy toward achieving their AKC STAR puppy certificate. 

Starting at $1000 

“BASIC” Board & Train

This is a 3 to 4 week boot camp program to jump start your dog’s training.  It’s one-on-one training with your dog daily.  We video the dog’s progress during the last week of training and send to you as a training tool.  This class is normally for dogs a minimum of 5 months old. ​ This course is great for big or dominant dogs with unruly behaviors. We include a 1 hour handler course and all training equipment.  Due to the nature of the board and train course, availability is limited.

Starting at $1,200 

“ADVANCED” Board & Train

Dogs must meet a minimum level of obedience to qualify for this course.  Our advanced course is an off leash 3 to four 4 week boot camp program that includes all the same basic obedience cues except done off-leash.  We include a few additional cues with hand signals.  This class is great for those seeking to interact with their dog in a more sophisticated way at home or in public.  Due to the nature of the board and train course, availability is limited.

 Starting at $2,500 

Private Lessons

Are you interested in doing all the tough work and daily training to help your dog succeed?  You may enjoy our private lessons. You will attend weekly one-on-one lessons with your trainer and dog to learn all the necessary skills to become a well-rounded dog citizen, practice weekly homework, and continue to see improvement.

All ages are welcome to participate in private lessons.

$75 per hour

Service Dog Training

This is a comprehensive class that deals with Canine Good Citizen, Public Access, leash work, command and control, and verbal and non-verbal cues.  We emphasize control with the handler and develop a higher level of communication between handler and service dog.  Some classes are approved for Veteran GI Bill, or Law Enforcement Agencies.

Please inquire for pricing.

We recommend a raw food diet for dogs at all stages of life, but especially during times of intensive training.  We offer training for the handler to learn how to implement a raw food diet.  This diet will be provided during the courses listed above. The diet will include raw food supplemented with high-end freeze-dried kibble. Dogs will also be given Nutrivet vitamins, glucosamine, fish oil, and flaxseed oil.

All board and train programs include the diet listed above and daily socialization. Socialization will include meeting other dogs and people, going to dog parks, retail locations, and community events when applicable. Dogs will be exposed to adults, children, cats, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens. The emphasis of socialization is to reinforce good manners as the number one priority while transitioning into relatable skill sets the dog will need for lifelong success.

Please inquire for course discounts for first responders and active military members.